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About Our eBooks

Our eBooks are available as EPUB and/or PDF files. The format of the eBook will be listed on the product page before you buy it. Please make sure you select a format that works for you.

Please note we do not sell eBooks which are compatible with Amazon Kindle.


Content in EPUB files moves fluidly between pages, and you can resize text easily.


PDFs have fixed page content, just like a print book. The pages will fit to the size of your device and you may need to zoom in and out and pan around each page to read the text.

Before you purchase and download your eBooks, please make sure you have the correct reading software to read the format you are buying.

Recommended Reading Applications

For desktop or laptop computers:
• Windows or Mac – Adobe Digital Editions
• Mac only – iBooks

For smartphones and tablets:
• Android devices – Adobe Digital Editions
• iOS devices (iPhone, iPad) – Bluefire Reader

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