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Military Miniature Press was founded in 2022 to provide the historical wargaming community with new rulesets, historical reference books, and comprehensive modeling guides geared toward enhancing and broadening tabletop miniature gaming.

We are an independently owned publishing service driven to pull from the global pool of talented authors to deliver the authenticity that historical wargaming enthusiasts look for. Our team of editors and designers work tirelessly on each publication to produce the top quality materials that the wargaming and miniature hobbyists and professionals deserve.

At Military Miniature Press, we aim to provide an ever-growing library of helpful reference materials available in first-rate publications.


The material on this website is © Military Miniature Press and may not be reproduced without our express permission. Users may view, forward and print the contents for personal use only. The contents must not be used for any commercial purposes and the material or any part of it is not to be incorporated or distributed in any work or in any publication in any form without the prior written consent of Military Miniature Press.

Military Miniature Press is a division of SJR Research LLC.

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For correspondence concerning permissions requests and related inquiries, e-mail or write to:

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