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Brigade Games Announcement Talks Continued Shipping Delays

Brigade Games updated its customers on shipping times for local and international orders in a recent announcement. As wargamers and miniature hobbyists have come to expect, it wasn’t the best news, as it highlights how the COVID pandemic and lingering effects are still causing issues across the globe. 

According to Brigade, delays are being felt down the supply chain, largely due to “resupply issues” with commonly used manufacturers. This, really, has been the case for nearly two years, as many are still recovering from the global shutdown of 2020. However, Brigade did have some good news: casters have been productive, and sending restocks frequently. “We have a boatload of new readi-ship items arriving imminently,” the announcement read.

Per the post on The Miniatures Page, many of the delays stem from the United States Postal Service. Quoted timeframes of more than 15 days in transit are drastically different than services like UPS, which, according to Brigade, has been quoting 3 to 5 business days. Unfortunately, UPS typically comes at a higher cost, but Brigade will be working with its customers to ensure they understand the best shipping option.

Is there an end in sight for the ongoing delays? And will USPS ever fully recover from the pandemic? Considering things only seem to be getting worse or have remained stagnant for months, it’s not looking wonderful. And with the onset of the Russia-Ukraine crisis, international shipping may become even more complicated and costly. Customers ordering within the United States should also expect prices to climb a bit, as the conflict is sure to cause an increase in the cost of oil.

For now, all we can do is be patient and continue to support one another. Be patient with manufacturers and distributors, and know that, like Brigade, they’re doing everything possible to get products to you in a timely and efficient manner.

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