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Military Miniature Press Opens Preorders for ‘Modeling and Painting Vietnam Wargames’

Gettysburg, Pa. (June 29, 2022) – Military Miniature Press, a subsidiary of SJR Research, is opening preorders for Modeling and Painting Vietnam Wargames. The guide is authored by Michael Farnworth, who previously released Modelling and Painting World War II German Military Figures in 2019. This elaborate guide provides readers with a deep dive into modeling miniatures for the Vietnam War.

Farnworth offers his knowledge of modeling and painting to cover topics like painting metals and varying types of plastic to match the aesthetics of the Vietnam War. The book will include tutorials on painting 12mm to 28mm miniatures from the American, French, Anzac, and North and South Vietnamese armies. Additionally, Farnworth has included details on building period-specific vehicles using different methods.

Modeling and Painting Vietnam Wargames is the first collaboration between Military Miniature Press and Farnworth and is scheduled for release on September 30, 2022. Preorders are available for paperback, ePub, and PDF formats through the official press website. (

Military Miniature Press
Military Miniature Press was founded in 2022 to provide the historical wargaming community with new rulesets, historical reference books, and comprehensive modeling guides geared toward enhancing and broadening tabletop miniature gaming. Military Miniature Press is an independently owned publishing service driven to pull from the global pool of talented authors to deliver the authenticity that historical wargaming enthusiasts look for.

About SJR Research
SJR Research, LLC is a research and administrative support consulting firm founded in 2005. It provides a wide array of administrative, research, and writing consultancy services for public and private firms. SJR Research has worked with a variety of clients, including academics, students, businesses, authors, filmmakers, and family historians. Its consultancy service package delivers sound, timely, and cost-effective research in historical, genealogical, military, general, legal, and provenance research, as well as administrative support.

About Michael Farnworth
Michael Farnworth is English but has lived in Switzerland since 2001 and holds both nationalities. He is a production engineer and has worked for more than 35 years in the development and procurement of outdoor apparel, backpacks and equipment for mountaineering, military and police. Michael’s hobbies include modelmaking and wargaming. Since 2006, he has produced painting guides for small wargames companies. Michael is the author of the book Modelling and Painting WW2 German Military Figures and also a contributor to Military Miniature Magazine.

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