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Combatting Russia’s Reeducation of Ukranian Youth

As the Russian-Ukraine War continues, the dissemination of factual information becomes more and more important. Unfortunately, there will always be parties actively working against the truth, largely because it damages their propaganda or narrative. On July 18, 2022, The Washington Post reported that Russia planned on sending “hundreds of teachers big money” to actively go to the occupied portions of Ukraine and reeducate the youth. The goal is to try and spread Russia’s view of Ukraine’s history, which supports the invasion that started in February 2022. 

Russia is desperate to spread its views of its long and complicated history with Ukraine. Per one posting for the republic of Chuvashia, a school director was offering $2,900 per month to educate Ukrainian school-aged children. That’s an increase of approximately $2,400. While there are no specifics as to what will be taught in the coming school year by these Russian teachers, knowing the contention between the warring nations, it’s safe to assume that it’s a move to strengthen internal support for Russia. 

Teaching “alternate” histories and the act of reeducation are far from new concepts. Even today, Japanese youth are taught a slightly different version of the events of December 7, 1941, primarily to minimize an antagonistic view of the Imperial Japanese Navy. However, Russia’s active attempts at essentially converting Ukraine’s youth are dangerous, and not just for Ukraine. Further support for the Eastern European nation emboldens its actions, which have already led to the deaths of over 14,000 people, a number that will only rise in the coming months. 

And that’s why resources like the Russia-Ukraine War Factbook are vitally important. Objective guides to world events are the only way unbiased information can spread, especially in the digital age, where social media allows for the rapid spread of misinformation. Military Miniature Press worked with Craig Reed, Jr. to ensure this factbook reachers a broad audience – but every avenue has been wrought with censorship as American networks attempt to wage their own war against misinformation. Unfortunately, blanket censorship about controversial topics only guarantees that some outlets spreading truth are kept from the public’s eye. 

As Russia threatens to increase its grip on the Ukrainian youth through reeducation, the rest of the world needs to devise a means of combatting such a gross and dangerous attempt at spreading propaganda. 

For a deeper look at the first phase of the ongoing conflict, The Russia-Ukraine War Factbook breaks through the fog of war and media censorship and hopes to undo the months of misinformation, domestic and abroad.

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