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Obsidian Empires: Warfare in Pre-Columbia Mesoamerica Press Release

Gettysburg, Pa. (October 11, 2022) – Military Miniature Press and author Adam Solis have just opened preorders on Obsidian Empires: Warfare in Pre-Columbia Mesoamerica. This new tabletop wargaming experience broadens the concept of Mesoamerican civilizations, focusing on the Triple Alliance while also emphasizing lesser-known empires like Purepecha, Tlaxcala, and Huastec. 

Players will man armies on either side of a conflict between the Mesoamerican people and the Spanish conquistadors. Obsidian Empires is designed to work with armies of all sizes and sets aside the “Bucket of Dice” concept for a simple D3, D6, and D12 dice. According to Solis, gameplay is intended to run approximately 90 minutes to accommodate the modern on-the-go schedule.

Solis describes Obsidian Empires as a “good introduction to wargaming” thanks to its simplified rules. Along with a core unit mechanic that’s unified across the Mesoamerican civilization, the game also:

  • Resolves all damage at the end of each round of turns
  • Requires no special rules to play
  • Features special units for Aztec, Purepecha, and Spanish armies
  • Uses simplified combat modifiers

Obsidian Empires will be the second wargaming ruleset published by Military Miniature Press. On November 1, the publisher is slated to release Blood of Ancients, a hex-based tabletop experience spanning multiple historical civilizations. 

This is Solis’ first publication with Military Miniature Press. According to Solis, “The professionalism of the company and the consistent quality of their products is what led to my decision to use Military Miniature Press as the publisher of my book.”

Obsidian Empires is slated for a December 1, 2022, release date. Preorders are currently available at for physical, PDF, and ePub editions.


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