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Ukrainian History Books Fly Off the Shelves in Wake of Russian Invasion

Why did a war unravel between Russia and Ukraine? According to, it’s one of Google’s most searched questions regarding the ongoing conflict between the two nations. The relationship between Russia and Ukraine has been a strained one for years, but the details behind it have been muddied by Russian propaganda and Russian President Vladimir Putin’s own interpretation. According to Al Jazeera, this confusion has led to a surge in the sale of Ukrainian history books.

We recently reported on the reeducation of Ukrainian youth by Russian teachers, which will further serve Russia’s propaganda machine against the Ukrainian people. These actions and the continued push of Russia’s version of its relationship with Ukraine have fueled the importance of pre-war materials that help lay out how the two became feuding nations. And this is a global issue as citizens of powerful nations struggle to understand which side to be on. What’s missing from the information being disseminated outside of the books on Ukraine’s history is a source that remains objective and details only the facts pulled from extensive research of the two regions. 

Craig Reed, Jr. authored The Russian-Ukraine War Factbook to be a guide to the first phase of the war, which includes a glimpse into the relationship between the warring nations. What the factbook does more than the Ukrainian history books is dig a little deeper into the war itself, providing more up-to-date information that a book written several years ago would be unable to provide.

Many people both inside and outside of Ukraine are confused as to why the war started. While Ukrainian books can be a good outlet to learn more about how the two nations are tied, there is always the possibility of a skewed view if the book is written by a Ukrainian author. For a filtered, unbiased exploration of the war, it’s worth looking at an external source that scoured information from both sides to tell a complete story. 

The Russia-Ukraine War Factbook cuts through the misinformation and skewed details to catalog and complete history of why the war even started. Launching August 30, 2022, the book aims to guide readers around the globe through the first phase of the war, and from there, a solid understanding of why the two nations were in conflict will be clearer.

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