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Modeling and Painting Vietnam Wargames

  • Author: Michael Farnworth
  • Illustrator: Tiffany Pettit
  • Short code: MPVW
  • Publication Date: 01 Nov 2022
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The Vietnam War was a titanic struggle between American-backed Free World Forces and determined Viet Cong insurgents and tough NVA regulars. There were desperate battles in jungle-flanked rice paddies, plantations, woodland hillsides, and on city streets.

There are painting guides for American, Anzac, French, and North and South Vietnamese forces, including characters from Apocalypse Now, Full Metal Jacket, and Platoon. Tutorials advise on building military vehicles, boats, helicopters, and landscapes of Vietnam, from rural villages to Hue’s ancient Citadel. Techniques cover 20mm and 28mm in metal, soft plastic, hard plastic kits, resin models, 3D printing, MDF buildings, and XPS foam scenery.

Modeling and Painting Vietnam Wargames helps you to bring the fascinating history of the Vietnam War to the tabletop with impressive wargaming projects. Superbly illustrated with over 250 color images.

The book will be launched as PDF and ePub on 1st November. It will also be a softback in USA on 1st November. There will be a European distributor, but softback books in UK, Europe & Australia are at least six months away as they will be by a different printer & distributor.
However, up to 9th November 2022 there is a special deal of PDF now and physical book in six months. This is processed manually so send an email to Samantha will send a PDF on 1st November and a physical book when they are available. Postage to UK is only 5 GBP shipping, 8 Euro to EU, and 9.95 AUS to Australia & New Zealand.


Michael Farnworth is English but has lived in Switzerland since 2001 and holds both nationalities. He is a production engineer and has worked for more than 35 years in the development and procurement of outdoor apparel, backpacks and equipment for mountaineering, military and police. Michael’s hobbies include modelmaking and wargaming. Since 2006, he has produced painting guides for small wargames companies. Michael is the author of the book Modelling and Painting WW2 German Military Figures and also a contributor to Military Miniature Magazine.


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Vietnam Warbook

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2 reviews for Modeling and Painting Vietnam Wargames

  1. Paul mclear

    Looks a great read

  2. Christopher

    A wonderful book in so many ways. First off, this book does a fantastic job of describing, in detail, just what the Vietnam War was all about and who the major players (which countries) were in this war.

    Then it provides us with a quick summary of what wargaming in the Vietnam Era entails, from suggestions on various popular wargaming rulesets to where we can find top-quality miniatures designed specifically for this war or time period.

    Now we get to the main reason I purchased this book. Extremely detailed painting recipes accurately depicting all of the major military and guerilla units that fought in this war. Along with the recipes are detailed step-by-step instructions on how to paint your miniatures to match what you see in the book 100%. I have not read every page of the book, however, I have read or skimmed through every page and I think it’s safe to say only Vallejo paints were used on the minis shown in this book. Citadel washes/shades were also used, but no other brands as far as I know.

    I have only skimmed through the big section of this book where the author provides step-by-step instructions on how to build several pieces of scenery and even entire dioramas. There’s probably more, but this is all I recall at the moment.

    I know the author started this book off by saying it was intended for Advanced modelers and wargames. I think, as far as the history sections and painting sections are concerned, you need not be Advanced or an Expert. Why? Because I’m 2 years into this hobby of 28mm modern wargaming miniatures and consider myself to still. be a Novice, yet there was nothing confusing or intimidating about the material. If anything, everything in this book from the beginning through the painting of military miniatures is an outstanding gift to Novices and even many talented newbies. If the author only provided a list of paints used with each uniform, I would agree, this is for Advanced people only. Michael does a superb job of holding our hand and guiding us through the painting sections.

    I know the author provides similar information and instructions in the later parts of the book where he goes over vehicles and terrain, but I haven’t read each page yet. At the moment, I believe that his sections on Terrain and probably vehicles, too, are going to be for more Advanced wargames.

    Overall, this book is a home run. No, it’s a grand slam for those who enjoy wargaming and are interested in learning a lot of broad information on the Vietnam War. Buy this book!

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