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Berlin’s Gateway – The Battle of Kustrin ‘45

  • Author: Piers Brand
  • Illustrator:
  • Short code: GTBK
  • Publication Date: 01 Nov 2023
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Gateway to Berlin – The Battle of Kustrin – 31 January to 22 March 1945

From the creative wargaming pen of Piers Brand, we visit the apocalyptic rehearsal of the downfall of Berlin. The Battle of Kustrin was every inch as terrible and desperate, and for the miniature wargamer, had just as many opportunities to game out the vicious close quarters fighting that took place as in Berlin. Moreover, it features one of the last panzer attacks made by the German army. Over the course of nine scenarios, game out actions representative of the fighting in and around Kustrin. A variety of troop types and weapons featured in the battle, including King Tigers and everything from Wehrmacht Auxiliaries to Volksturm on the German side, and Lend lease Shermans and White Scout Cars, and assault engineers on the Soviet side.

The scenarios are rules-neutral, so feel free to adapt them for use with your favorite rules system. This book will have all you need to game this battle out and will be a jumping point to research even more actions set in and around Kustrin.

The more orders we receive the better book we can produce for you all!

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Once we reach 200 pre-orders, we have already announced we will include an exclusive Johnny Shumate rendering of the famous photo of soldiers of the 1st Assault Engineer-Sapper Brigade storming a building in Kustrin in the scenario book, as well as include a free teeshirt showing the same design (tee-shirt offer only available for paperback pre-orders – receive by late February. – All people who have already preordered a paperback will also receive this.

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Also, thanks to the generosity The Plastic Soldier Company, the book will also include content specific to Battlegroup, making this book a must have for any Battlegroup player. The added content of special rules and notes in regards using the scenario with Battlegroup will allow players of this system to use the scenarios directly with ease, and its hoped, offer inspiration to players of other systems as to how to incorporate special rules or events in their choice of rules.

Once we reach 200 pre-orders, we will use Battlegroup as an extra section in each scenario, tailoring the scenario for use directly with the Battlegroup rules!

100 Pre-Order Stretch Goal: As of 11/7/22 we reached 100 pre-orders! For all those who have pre-ordered we will release the finalised list of scenarios, and as an added extra we will look at including bonus content on the forces defending Küstrin and Soviet use of lend-lease vehicles during the period. The sooner we hit 100 the sooner we can release this great teaser!

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    Expected release date November 2023!

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